Training Week 1: Traits and Fuzzy Guards

Welcome back, Injustice fans!

This week I’m discussing what I’ve learned during my first week of training.

A new tactic I learned from watching Next Level Battle Circuit: Pre-emptive trait use.

Aquaman’s trait, Water of Life, when active allows Aquaman to block while he is in hit stun as though he were not in hit stun, unless he is in a juggle state. This lets Aquaman “break” combos that don’t launch him as long as he blocks properly.
For example: If Aquaman gets hit by Batman’s MB Straight Grapple, which leaves him in a stun state and open to follow-up attacks, he can trait during the Straight Grapple animation and be ready to block Batman’s next attack.

So what’s the pre-emptive part? Using Aquaman’s trait offensively. Unless his opponent has a one-hit launcher, Aquaman’s trait lets him use unsafe attacks with minimal risk of being punished by a counterattack.

Impressive stuff. I think this tactic allows Aquaman to play more aggressively, instead of struggling to maintain middle ground. Only issue: using trait this way leaves Aquaman without one of his most vital defensive resources. Trait management is vital in Injustice.

A skill that I am developing is: Fuzzy-guarding.
What is fuzzy-guarding? A way to protect stuffed animals? No.
So what is it?

The definition, according to, is as follows:

Fuzzy Guard: When a character Blocks an attack High and then switches to a Low guard, although they are blocking Low, the game does not change the size of their hittable box from standing to crouching until the Block Stun ends. This means they can still be hit with attacks that would Whiff if they were crouching normally.

The reason this matters is that it allows the defender to block high-low mix-ups with minimal effort, allowing him to focus on potential empty jumps/throw set ups. A defender who can fuzzy guard negates a powerful offensive option for the attacker, forcing him to find a counter to the fuzzy guard.
For example: Against an opponent who consistently fuzzy guards his Queen’s Gambit~low ice arrow mix-up, Green Arrow can instead cancel Queen’s Gambit into a jumping (overhead) arrow, which will hit the fuzzy guarding opponent who is blocking low. For more on fuzzy guarding, its purposes, and counters to it, click here.

Both pre-emptive trait usage and fuzzy guarding seem like powerful tools for me to master as I continue my training (along with obvious stuff like muscle memory).

Join me next week as I continue practicing in preparation for IMDB 10 on October 26th.
IMDB is a tournament series that runs every few months in Madison, WI hosted by some friends of mine in the Smash Bros. community. They run side events for non-Smash fighting games, including Injustice. This will be great chance to get my feet wet in a non-online competitive environment.

Thanks for reading!



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Matt is a software developer living in San Francisco. In his free time, he enjoys running, reading, writing, fighting games, and swing dancing.
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